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 Creature Information (WIP)

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Creature Information (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Creature Information (WIP)   Creature Information (WIP) EmptyThu Jul 14, 2016 10:42 am

This is all you need to know on the creatures that are on Magic Rises. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or message me on facebook if you have my contact details. There will be some creatures that will require Admin Approval. so message any of the Admins (Their names and characters will be found on the People of Magic Rises thread).



Vampires are complex creatures, no one truly knows where they originate from apart from the Original Vampires who have been in hiding for thousands of years to preserve the secret of their making, and the way they make others. They are creatures of the night, having to drink blood (either human or animal) for survival but some will try to not drink blood, which leads me to the signs of a hungry vampire. A hungry vampire has no control over themselves, they are paler than usual and veins form underneath their eyes and their eyes become very bloodshot. Newborns are usually in this state for a few years, sometimes less if you have a good teacher. They can eat human food but they don't really have to and they can consume alcohol as much as they want; this is also a substitute for blood but it'd last about a day or two. They have super speed, strength and hearing as they are based on instinct creatures. Silver, as well as the sun, is their enemy. They can only go into the sun if they have a special totem that is charmed by a certain witch. The killing curse does not affect Vampires unless the vampire casting the spell is very, very, very powerful. Certain poisons induced into the blood can also kill them as well as decapitation. They have the ability to turn off their humanity and if they keep it on, their emotions are so much more enhanced.


Vampires who are born to one vampiric parent are known as half vampire. These are usually also a wizard, and they require sleep though it is much less than a human. They also need blood to survive, however they can also use human as sustenance.
If someone is born from two vampire parents, they are a full vampire and the blood line continues.
Two half vampires or even one, the child is still a half vampire. They can be turned into a full vampire, like any mortal would be.


When a human is changed by a vampire, they become a full vampire. They require blood as their main source of food and follow of the above rules. They grow stronger and more powerful with age.


The only one who know the proper Ritual are the Originals. If a vampire wants to change a human, they must locate the Originals but sometimes, accidents happen and when a vampire changes a human accidentally, some sort of magic causes them to instantly forget how it happened. This stops an overpopulation of vampires.

(Will add more about Vampire rankings and special abilities they MAY have if they're extremely old. To get a super old Vampire, you require Admin Approval but for now the limit of age is 300 years old. The positions for Vampire Original is CLOSED until further notice.)


Werewolves are much larger than normal wolves, can range from the tallest a normal wolf is to the size of a bear. Alpha's are even larger than this. After their first transformation, they can turn at will but must turn on a full moon. There is no stopping this. You can stop transformation if you use Wolfsbane but it causes to an incredible amount of pain just to consume it.  There are many packs in the werewolf world, many live close and in harmony but some are territorial. In human form, they have the ability to change their eyes into their wolf gold due to loss of emotions and if they want, can use their wolf claws and fangs. Every werewolf has a mate and only one. The only time there is any danger of being separated from your mate is if its after the mating Ritual, which has to be preformed by the Alpha of the pack you are in. If you are packless, it has to be done by a Shaman, a rare kind of wizard that knows every wolf secret. Their weakness is also Silver.


A werewolf born of two born werewolf parents is the strongest type of werewolf. They have more control of their lycanthropy and are able to shift at will, and keep their humanity. On the full moon, however, they will change against their will on the full moon, however they are able to keep hold of their humanity in all cases.
Werewolves born of one bitten and one born werewolf parent are the next strongest. They are able to shift at will, though it takes a lot more out of them. They follow the same full moon criteria as a as a bitten werewolf, which they gain from their bitten parent.
A werewolf born of two bitten parents have similar characteristics as a bitten werewolf. They also change outside of the full moon, though it is not at will and instead through bouts of high emotions. At no time while in their wolf form are they able to keep their humanity, unless they have taken the wolfbane potion, in which case they will be lethargic and weak.
Werewolves born of one born parent and a human are next, and they never loose their humanity, however they cannot change at will. They instead will change only on the full moon, and are able to do as they usually would only in the form of a wolf. The human in them keeps them from being able to change whenever they please.
Werewolves born of one bitten parent and a human are weaker again, and they are usually rather volatile during the time around the full moon. The full moon is they only time that they change, and they do not keep their humanity while they are in this form. The human in them means that they cannot change outside of these times, and can live an ordinary life


Bitten wolves are the most common and also the most uncontrollable. They have increased strength from their single wolf parent counterparts, though they are usually unable to control it. They do not change at any time apart from the full moon, and Wolfsbane Potion is a little less effective for them.
Bitten werewolves CANNOT be Alphas. They are weaker due to the least amount of changes and are only Omegas. They cannot rank any higher.

'Royal Family'

As of right now, The Lycanthe/Cartwright family are the Royal Family. The princess is Kira Cartwright and the prince is Jace Lycanthe. They are siblings but Jace goes by the Lycanthe last name, being the Alpha out of the two so he much prefers the right last name.

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Creature Information (WIP)
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