The war has ended and the next generation has come to hogwarts
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 Sage Walsh

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Sage Walsh

Sage Walsh

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PostSubject: Sage Walsh   Sage Walsh EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:01 pm

Sage Walsh 81cd5c2d10f8fc3ed538fae7be0d5f29
Sage Ryan Walsh
The Basics
Nicknames: -
Age: 15
Blood Status: Half-blood
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Current Home: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality: Irish
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual
Wand:  Phoenix Feather, Redwood, 9 3/4 inches

Sage is average height for his age, standing around five foot ten. He isn't the tallest, but he is on the broader side because of all the sports that he plays. Working out often gives him wide shoulders with chiseled arms and a solid, toned abdomen. He spends a lot of time outside and his skin glows with a healthy tan to show for it. He has intense piercing blue eyes and brown hair, and normally wears jeans and plain shirts.

Sage is very honest and blunt. He is the sort of person who doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks whether or not it will hurt other people's feelings. On the other hand, he has a hard time being honest with himself about his own feelings. He puts on a very stand-offish exterior, but can be far more caring than he lets on if somebody is able to break through his walls. Sage is very forward and flirtatious, and at fifteen is just really starting to come into his own and experiment with girls. He prefers to keep his options open, sometimes flirting with several girls separately at the same time, but has never had a real girlfriend. This is because of how difficult it is to open up. However if a particular girl were to catch his heart, he'd fall incredibly hard. He'll just never admit it. Sage isn't mean, but he does act uncaring until someone gets to know him. He has a very good sense of humor and is liked by a lot of people. He is also very athletic and plays Quidditch and works out all the time.


Clara Walsh - 43 - pureblood - mother
Derek Walsh - 44 - muggleborn - father
Tuesday Walsh - 17 - halfblood - sister
Clara Walsh - 13 - halfblood - sister
Jaxon Walsh - 13 - halfblood - brother

Character History:
Sage was born on October 1st, the second child to Derek and Clara Walsh. He was born in Dublin, Ireland. From birth, Sage was given everything he could have asked for. Some say that being the middle child isn't the best, but he never found being the middle child to be so bad. His dad was a healer, and his mother a wizarding lawyer, and they always had more than enough money to spoil all of their children. Not just the oldest and the youngest. So Sage was never really jealous of his other siblings. He liked being in the middle. As a result of his parents' wealth, he grew up wanting for nothing and learned to expect the best things in life without really having to work for them.

When Sage was eight, he showed his first sign of magic by levitating the chair he was sitting on. For his whole life, Sage loved heights. So it was no surprise that he had taken to a broom early on in his childhood. Being way up high in the air was amazing to him, and it made him feel free in a way he didn't on the ground. When he was eleven, he received his Hogwarts letter and joined Tuesday at school, only two years behind her.

Sage instantly made friends. He always had a hard time opening up, but the front he put on was confident and funny so people liked him. He just didn't let on how much or little he liked them. He was normally trusted for his opinion because he tended not to lie to the people around him. He quickly became popular, but the friends he could call close were few. Sage was incredibly intelligent and exceeding in classes wasn't difficult for him. He was very good at transfiguration especially. He also joined the house team as soon as he possibly could and made great friends of the people on his team. Now, in fifth year, Sage is just coming into his own and coming out of puberty has left him a little more curious about girls than he used to be. He enjoyed flirting with the girls in his year, but has never had a real girlfriend.

Family History:

Sage has a pretty big family. His mother, Clara and his father, Derek, met during their years at Hogwarts. As high school sweethearts, they had Sage's older sister Tuesday at a young age. Sage was the second oldest. He also has two younger siblings that are two years younger than him, Lacey and Jaxon. Sage is really close with his family, and instantly dislikes anyone who insults them. His father is a muggleborn and his mother is a pureblood, making sage a half blood.
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Kira Cartwright

Kira Cartwright

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PostSubject: Re: Sage Walsh   Sage Walsh EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:37 pm

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Sage Walsh
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