The war has ended and the next generation has come to hogwarts
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 Durmstrang Classes

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Celaena Hendrix

Celaena Hendrix

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Durmstrang Classes Empty
PostSubject: Durmstrang Classes   Durmstrang Classes EmptyFri Sep 30, 2016 6:29 pm

Hello! I'm Celaena (Admin Annie) the Headmistress of Durmstrang and this is my list of classes; with little bits of information for you. The professors will be list beside the class names once they are claimed.

Core Curriculum

Astronomy - In this class, students will study the night sky and it's constellations and the meanings behind them.

Care of Magical Creatures - In this class, students will learn about and care for various magical creations. Creatures studied will range from a wide array of rarity, domesticity and danger.

Charms - In this class, students will learn a variety of standard and nonstandard spells to use at their disposal.

(Defense against) The Dark Arts - This class will focus on the Dark Arts, where they originate from, understanding them and how to combat them should one encounter such.

Flying - Students will learn the basics of flying and how to handle and care for their rooms. This is just an extra credit class, not all have to take this.

Herboloy - In this class, students will learn a wide array of magical and non magical plants and their uses. It will lightly touch on their uses in potions, poisons, cures and healing.

History of Magic - Students will be introduces to the fundamentals of magic and where they originate from. Students will touch on a variety of careers and magic types through this class to learn more about what area of magic is best suited for them.

Potions - A class that will focus on the fundamentals of potions in a variety of uses and sources. Students will learn to create potions for their use if brewed successfully.

Transfiguration - Students will learn the basics of transfiguration and how it applies to basic magic.

Secondary Curriculum

Some of the below classes are special requested classes, who require these studies to perhaps enhance already there skills. The rest they can choose to take if it suits their area of study, helping their career in the future.

Alchemy - Intimately connected with potion making, chemistry and transformation magic, students will study the four basic elements and their relation to transmutating subjects.

Ancient Runes - A class that focues on the ancient runic scripts used in early magic and, in the advanced section, students learn to cast magic through the runes of magic.

Ancient Studies - Students study the ancient world and the precence of magic in ancient cultures across the globe.

Apparition - This is only a month long course, to be attended by Seventh year students to instruct them on the means of magical travel.

Arithmancy - Students learn to use the power of numbers in prediction with related elements.

Art - Students learn to use magic to create art through a variety of mediums.

Combat - Students will be disciplined with physical means and weaponry. Primarily staff- work; learning to defend for yourself both with and without magic. Students will also partake in rowing during the warmer months.

Conjuring - A rather eccentric class where students will study the summoning of various spirits and magical entities.

Cursework - Students learn to study a variety of curses of offensive and defensive nature. Students will learn to break them and to approach them with caution.

Divination - Much like Conjuring, students will learn how to infer insights on the future through a variety of rituals and tools. They will often use the skills of Conjuring, summoning spirits, to get their insights.

Dueling - A long and rigorous course, students will learn how to duel and fight with magic.

Elemental Magic - Special Students with the ability to control the elements will require this class to study and perfect their skills. Given the School's location, there are more water and earth elemental's than most.

Ghoul Studies - A study in Ghosts and Ghouls, this class is often taken as a filler class. There is no test in the end.

Healing - Students learn how to heal through a variety of herbs, runes, spells and potions.

Human Transfiguration - Special students learn how to transform the human body, through mimicry, disguise, and animagus studies.

Illusion - Students will learn and practice the art of illusion.

Post Mortem Studies - Students will study arts associated with the dead and gone, in both ritual and foresics.

Spell Creation - Special Studies learn how to effectively create spells properly through choosing the correct words and vernacular.

Torture - Students study the historical ways of torture, and the more modern. This is another filler class as there is no test at the end.

Wandless Magic - Special Studies study the extremely difficult and complex medium of casting magic without a wand.

Xylomancy - Students learn to cast magic through the medium of wood, and more importantly, their staffs rewarded to them on the passing of their second test.
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Durmstrang Classes
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